Lit from Within: Indie January - Mentality Brilliant Collex (1 of 3)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Indie January - Mentality Brilliant Collex (1 of 3)

As I near the end of 'Indie January' I realize I have way more polishes than I can swatch in a month.  I didn't think I had more than 30 different Indie brands!  Reality check.

So, I decided to do a massive swatch fest of the three holo collex I have from Mentality.  I have broken them up into three posts that should all go up today.  Each polish is swatched and then shown with a stamp, because I read that the owner of Mentality likes stamping, and so do I. :) I used a subtle stamp over all of these, to show how you can manipulate the color and texture of a mani without being overt.

Rapture.  This is a coppery-nude color on me.  Very pretty, sparkly. I like the flashes of red and yellow.

 I added a swirly pattern with Sally Hansen Raisin the Bar, a rosy pink foil.

Fervor.  This is a light purple holo with flashes of blue and pink.  It reminds me of hydrangeas.

 I did a flowerpot stamp over it with Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze.  Flowers for a flowery color.

Euphoria.   A champagne/gold holo.  I love these types of golds, they are so flattering to us pale ladies.

I stamped some fans on it with Essie Penny Talk.  Super-subtle!

Elation.  Bright, light blue.  Not a pastel, but feels light and spring-like.

I think this is either a wave or fish/mermaid stamp pattern.  I used Julep Alfre, a purple foil, to create this look.

The Brilliant collex are all loosely linear, more scattered holos.  They all have an element of a larger grit of holo - not as large or pesky to remove as glitter, however.  The polish still feels smooth to the touch, but you can see the larger sparkles in the polish. I liked all of them!

Stay tuned for part II - the Precious Holos, and for part III - the Dark Side Holos.

Mentality can be found on Facebook, and on their Big Cartel store.

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