Lit from Within: Indie January - Literary Lacquers

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indie January - Literary Lacquers

I loved the idea of a book and polish nerd. :)  The cat's eye glasses on the label was a classic touch for me.  I had to check out this Indie now!

An Honest Puck.  I admit it, I dig the browns, especially browns with a splash of a jewel tone, like blue, or in this case, green.  One of the great things about this polish is that it is offered in both a bar glitter added and a bar glitter-free version.  Of course, I opted for no bars. 

This is a full-coverage glitter, no undies.  Great application, and the base is thick enough to be opaque in 2 coats, and be able to get a nice clean line around the cuticles.  I will admit that a darker brown would go better with my skintone, but that's just me.  Maybe if I could actually get a tan... even living in Florida, my fate is to be pale, pale, pale.

Greatest Treasures.  These Indies have me so pegged.  Introduce a great holo, and I'll come sniffing around.  And not too many companies are doing coral holos like this one.  I did show you one from Daring Digits that was close in color, but this one is much better both in consistency and rainbow.  And the color is so pretty and flattering to a lot of skintones.

Do you appreciate an Indie offering different versions of the same glitter?

If you'd like to see more information about Literary Lacquers, they have a Facebook page, and a shop on Etsy.


  1. Love them! I have Treasures but haven't tried it yet. Your blog has made me want to change that post haste

    1. That is so very nice of you to say! I love being an enabler! Wear polish! lol


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