Lit from Within: Above the Curve Fallen Angel Collex - Part II

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Above the Curve Fallen Angel Collex - Part II

I have three more looks that I want to show you that I created with polishes from Above The Curve Fallen Angel collex.  Most of the Indie holos I've worked with have sacrificed rainbow for pigmentation, making them more opaque.  This makes them more fun to use in nail art!

Divine Angel.  This is a teal-aqua holo.  I had a little lighting problem, I think!   Sometimes, it's hard to catch the sparkles just right.

I used three ATC polishes for this look, inspired by this mani I saw on Pinterest.

I did this the hard way, painting on Diablos first, then filling in with Arch Angel.  Mostly because I only thought I'd use only Diablos, but there wasn't enough contrast for my liking.  This would be easier to recreate by painting the corner first, then adding the stripes on top.  Live and Learn!

Raziel.  I had a little trouble with the formula on Raziel.  It could have been that my basecoat didn't play nice, but it wouldn't level out on the tips.  I wasn't too worried about it because I knew I was doing art.  I do love the rich redness of Raziel, though.

I love the look of these flames I saw on Pinterest (attributed to and I tried to do something like it.  I used a black nail art striper for the flames, but I need to practice.  Flames look easy, but they weren't for me!

Like the picture, I used a matte topcoat.  I love this.  Raziel looks amazing matte.  

Diablos.  I've used this for details in a couple of manis now, but it really shines on its own,.  The reddish brown holo is really amazing.

I also used Raziel and Risen Angel in this chevron look.

This is a different color scheme for me.  I like how Raziel brings out the red in Diablos, but it can't tell if it wants to be brown or green, or red. 

So, what do you think about these looks and this collection?  I had a lot of fun playing with them.  If you'd like more information about Above The Curve, you can find them on Facebook and on their store..

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