Lit from Within: NOPI and Models Own

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NOPI and Models Own

I was at Walmart the other day, and saw the new Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection.  I love Modern Family, and I like OPI, so hey, I picked up a couple.

Stand By Your Manny.  Pale pastel blue with a white shimmer.  This polish doesn't remind me of Manny at all.  Mostly because this polish was a streaky mess, and Manny is dependable!  Even after 3 coats, I was having balding patches, VNL, and it didn't dry evenly.

So, what is a girl to do?  Cover that mess with a beautiful glitter!  I picked up a few from the Wonderland collex by Models Own, and they are pretty awesome.  This is Southern Lights, one, maybe one and half coats.  I wanted to be able to see the blue underneath, but with 2 good layers, this would probably be opaque.

NOPI Alex By The Books.  Another color I really wanted to love - I'm a sucker for these minty greens.  Again, though, the formula was a nightmare.  It didn't level out, and was all lumpy and streaky.

So, I covered it with Models Own Juicy Jules, a scattered holo glitter.  I have quite a few similar polishes.  Nice formula, spreads evenly.  It makes the NOPI look pretty good, doesn't it?

The next two NOPIs I got at a Central Florida Beauty Blogger meeting.  I got to pick my own colors, and I absolutely love the ones I got.  Even though they were provided for review, my opinions are my own.

Back to Reality..TV.  I don't know much about the Kardashians, except that they're famous for being famous.  And Bruce Jenner, who, sadly, doesn't resemble his Olympic self anymore.  And I mean his face.

Anyway, I love polishes like these with a red shimmer.  You can even see it on the nail as well as the bottle.

Even though I liked it, I still have glitters to try, and I picked Northern Lights to go with this one.  I like the periwinkle and pink together.  Very soft and pretty!

Smile for the Glam-era.  This was, by far, my fave!  Deep eggplant purple, with sparkles.  I loved this one so much I actually wore it a few days later for Girls' Night Out, and paired it with a plum blouse. 

I suspected that Models Own Jack Frost would look best over a dark polish.  I am so drawn to these iridescent glitters and flakies.  This look is very *me*.

Bonus Models Own!  I couldn't resist picking up Hayley's Comet, a duochrome.  First, I applied (from index to pinky) Zoya Indigo, OPI Black Onyx, 2 coats of Hayley's Comet, and Wet 'n Wild Haze of Love.

Then, another layer of Hayley's Comet over everything.

I couldn't tell the difference between the blue and the black!  I actually liked it best over the reddish color, or by itself.  I liked the brown/nude tones, and not just all blue shimmer. 

Are you liking these glitters?  Would you rather go with the NOPI by themselves?  What would you recommend pairing with Hayley's Comet?

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