Lit from Within: More looks from Mentality - Shifty and Reserved

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More looks from Mentality - Shifty and Reserved

More Mentality today!  Check out these metallic holos.   This first look I want to show you was inspired by a gradient from Nails by Kayla Shevonne.

Foxy.  This is from the Shifty collex, and the only non-pink! It's a reddish-brown.  I love colors like these.

Proper.  One coat!  Really great copper.  Notice the polish stripes are getting smaller - just a peek of Foxy is visible around the edges.

Refined.  An orange-gold metallic holo.  Again, only one coat.

Dapper.  Bright gold.  Just a little stripe in the center.  I used an art brush for that one.  I love how all the colors work together!

Another shot at the whole look.  This is a great nail art for the beginner, too - you don't have to use a nail brush if you have bigger nails than I do!  You can pick any colors you want - rainbow, black to white, ombre - the options are endless.

This look I took from Maria's Nail Art.  I love her flowers.  She was one of the first bloggers I started talking to, and she was really helpful and sweet.

Prim.  This is a dark plummy brown color.  It's not as metallic as some of the others in this collection, but it's still a one-coater, and would probably stamp like a dream.

Bottle shot of the three polishes I used.  Prim, Wily, and Refined.

I used a striper to create the hatch marks in Refined, and then a small nail art brush to make the little flowers.  

What do you think of these two collex from Mentality?  Would you rock a gradient, or try your hand at flower nail art?

If you'd like more information about Mentality, they can be found on Facebook, and on their Big Cartel store.

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