Lit from Within: Nubar Modern Matte

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nubar Modern Matte

I have become quite the fan of Nubar polishes.  I first found them while looking for duochromes before every Indie and Brazilian brand was making duochromes.  They also have a couple of nice holos and some glitters, and so many others.  The collex I want to show you today is their Modern Matte collection.

Vital.  A wine color, leaning purple.  One of my faves of this collex.  Love that texture!

I decided to layer Liquid Lacquer Hellion over it.  This glitter didn't need undies, it covered Vital right up!  What a gorgeous jelly sandwich, too.

Prevail.  This was the polish that made me want to buy this collex.  Brownish purple matte?  oh, yes.  It didn't disappoint me, either.

 Oooh, shiny topcoat. Looks like I could go swimming in there.

Covering it with this glitter disappointed me, though!  Not one of my better choices.  I'm going to blame it on the alcohol.  This is Finger Paints Santa's Magic.  It's not a bad glitter, per se, it just does nothing for this gorgeous purple, and I'm sad it's covered up.  Luckily, we have the magic of the interwebs and you can scroll up to see it again in its purple glory.  You know you want to.

Avant-garde.  Red with a hint of brown.  This one didn't dry as matte as the others.  Or, I may not have waited long enough to take the pix.  I like the warmer-leaning, darker reds like this.

Again, I used a full-coverage glitter without meaning to.  But, wow-oh-wow, is this a great red glitter.  Red Nose from Elixir Lacquers.   When I put it on, I was thinking of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, but it's actually part of her bully-breed collex that supports bully breeds like Pit Bulls.  Personally, I like Pitties, and I think a lot of them get an undeserved bad rap.

Contempo.  Another red.  That was the only bummer of this collex - all the colors were from the same family.

I did a double layering experiment with this one.  First, a gradient of Butter London Chancer, which I thought looked really good with Contempo.

Then, I applied Orly Halo to the tips.  Up close and personal, I don't like it much, but in Real Life, it was okay.  I was going for holiday festive at the time.

If you're very familiar with mattes, you may have noticed that these are not super-matte, but more of a 'soft touch' satin finish.  They all applied so nicely, and I love that they transform with topcoat or other glitters.

If you'd like more information on Nubar, check out their Facebook page.  I found most of mine on Ebay, though Harlow and Co. does carry some Nubar.  What do you think of this collex?

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