Lit from Within: Chevrons, two ways

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chevrons, two ways

I have become a real fan of the use of chevrons in my nail art.  They are easy and especially flattering for those of us with short nail beds (and nails!)  I'd like to show you two looks I did with chevrons.

Smitten Polish I Want It Now.  This is a great glitter, full-coverage in two coats.  Sparkly green!  I believe this collex was in reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and this was Ms. Salt's homage.

I like gold and green together, so I added the chevron tip in Above The Curve Aslan, a gold scattered holo.  It's opaque enough to cover the glitter, which is a bonus for nail art!

I wanted a little more contrast, so I used a black art striper.   Topcoat, and done!

This second look gets its inspiration from a mani done by Globe & Nail, where she used chevrons and matte topcoat to create a striking mani.  

Essie Armed and Ready.  It looks grey, I know, but it's an army green, and there's a gold shimmer that my camera refused to capture, but it's there.  Subtle, yes, but there.  You can see a hint of it on the bottle.

I'm pretty impressed with the Julep glitters so far.  I had expected this to be a loose glitter, but this is only one coat of Julep Cindy, and it's pretty opaque.  

I did opposite color chevrons, and then painted the bottom part of my nail with the matte topcoat.  It really makes the Essie look even more grey, but hardly changes the Julep at all!

No matter where on the nail you put the chevron, so long as it's pointing down, it creates the illusion of length.  Changing the angle can also help make the nail bed look narrower or wider, too.  It's fun to create illusion with makeup on your face, and on your nails, too!

Do you use nail art to create illusion on your nails?  Do you accentuate something you like about your hands, or minimize something you don't?  


  1. They're both really cool! I love that green Julep, and Aslan is just gorgeous!

    1. I may be a little addicted to doing chevrons... glad you like them! :)


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