Lit from Within: SoFlaJo is SoFlattering!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SoFlaJo is SoFlattering!

Today, I'd like to show you some polishes by SoFlaJo, a southern Florida girl.  Yay, Florida... :)

Purple Reign of Terror.  Technically, this came out with her Halloween collex.  I don't think it needs to be relegated to one time of the year, though!  In fact, I wore it a couple of days ago and received a compliment on it!  Even with my li'l nubbies.

This was opaque in two coats, but I love that it still looks like a jelly, and the holo bits are just floating around.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The True Death.  Also from her Halloween collex, and I believe an homage to True Blood, this is another polish I loved and would wear year-round.  It's a charcoal jelly with red glitter.. but it also has a coppery feeling, too.  I have too many polishes that are black jelly with red glitter - this is completely unique, though.

Ballroom.  I never wear orange and pink together.. except on my nails.  Then, I can't get enough.  This polish has elements of both, but doesn't read as true pink or orange.  Maybe more of a rose gold?  It was really hard to capture the true color and shimmer of this polish, too.  It's gorgeous.

I used Layla Ceramic Effects 55, gold glitter in a orange-tinted base, to emphasize some of the orange tones.  Even with a gradient, this glitter is too opaque to be a layering polish.  It's pretty, but I just wanted an accent to Ballroom.  Really nice microglitter in the tinted base, though.

Hidden Gem.  Charcoal grey with blue flecks.  This polish dries a little matte, almost like a suede finish.

I thought it really came alive with some topcoat.  Look at the blue shimmer, it just takes this to another level.

I used some striping tape and Pure Ice Black Rage to create the tips.  This was my fave look!  So easy, too - just two pieces of tape across the tip of the nail.  I even used the same two pieces for the whole hand.  

If you'd like more info about SoFlaJo, she can be found on Facebook, and on her website.  Will you be trying the tape French tips or SoFlaJo polishes?


  1. I really, really want to do the tape French tips. More info, please :)

    1. I bought my striping tape either from or ebay, I can't remember. It's very, very narrow rolls of tape. They're usually pretty cheap, too - like 10 rolls for a buck. I cut two pieces of the tape. The first one, I placed as far up the nail as I wanted, thinking about how much I wanted to be black. Because I have short nails, I went with a small French tip. The second piece of tape went about one tape-width's worth above the first piece of tape. You could also use Scotch tape for the second piece if you think you might get a little messy - because you only want to paint the black from the second piece to the tip of the nail. Wait 1-2 seconds, then gently pull off the tape. Don't wait too long, or the polish will come off with the tape.


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