Lit from Within: Blue Holo-splosion!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blue Holo-splosion!

My love for holos is no secret, and it seems that I have a hard time NOT buying one, even if I have many of a similar (they're not the same! really) color.

I think the 2013 collex of Color Club Holos has really raised the bar for all holos.  They are super-pigmented and yet don't lose any of that wonderful rainbow. 

Color Club Over The Moon.  I am, over the moon.  This polish is gorgeous, and easy.  No special undies, no buffing.  You do have to apply in thin layers and wait for each to dry completely before applying the next, or you'll get bald spots.

I saw this design done with glitter and black, and decided to try it with this sparkly holo.  I need a little practice with my zigzags, but it's still a fun design.

A new-to-me Indie called Cameo Colors Lacquers put out a holo collection, and I picked up a few of them.  This is the first one I've tried - Welcome to the Universe.  It applied like most Indie holos - smooth, thick, with a scattered holo.  This one leans a bit towards greenish blue, which makes it more unique to my stash, though.

This did make me a little curious to see what other Indie holos I had that might match, and since I'd also just played with my Above the Curve polishes, they seemed a natural choice.  Bottle shots of the polishes for the first comparison:

If you missed out on the Above The Curve Prototype Blue, it's fairly close to their Blue-eyed girl polish.  It's not the same, though.  Blue-Eyed Girl is a little lighter, and may have a little bit tighter holo rainbow.  Divine Angel and Fiddle-Dee-Dee are really close in color, but the finishes are completely different.  FDD leans more metallic, and has a very sparse holo.  Divine Angel has a very strong holo finish.

Cameo Colrs WTTU lies between the two.  In the top photo, it's more blue, like the ATCs in the middle.  In the bottom photo, it pulls more aqua/teal, like the outer ATC polishes.  It was also more sheer, and required 3 coats for opacity.

One more comparison for today: 

These are all either icy blue or dark blue.  None here compare to the dark cobalt blues of HITS Apolo.  Poseidon, Absolute, and DS Sapphire are closer to each other in color, though Absolute is a scattered holo, Sapphire having a bit more linear, and Poseidon having the strongest linear rainbow of the icy blues.  Over The Moon is alone in both color saturation and rainbow. Gorgeous!

Are you 'over the moon' for holos, too?  If you could just pick one, which would you get?


  1. I don't have any light blue holos but your post emphasises the fact that I need one in my life, lol :) That Color Club is gorgeous!

    1. I think you do, too! Yeah, I think if I had to pick just one for both color and rainbow, it's hard to beat these new Color Clubs!


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