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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Think Pink!

As we get closer to Valentines' Day, I guess I'm starting to think pink!  I have a mix of older and newer looks to show you, all inspired by pink.

Orly Sterling Silver Rose.  I love Orly.. but this one?  not so much.  I guess this pink just wasn't my fave shade, and I was really hoping that the silver shimmer in the bottle would transfer to the nails.  Nope. 

I did a sloppy gradient with OPI Suzi is a Chocoholic.  This is the only time I got to wear this color, as it slipped from my hands and broke open.. and splattered all over my carpet.  At least I still get to enjoy it most every day... on my floor.

This nameless glitter from Cosmetic Arts saved the look for me.  I like that it has a reddish jelly base, so you can't really see much of the pink anymore, but it's not so dark that it hides the fact that the tips are darker.  The glitter is chunky mylar shards, but it works for this look.  And, they all laid flat and played nice together.

Pure Ice Draped.  Many moons ago, I did a post about the Pure Ice velour (matte suede) finish polishes.  Somehow, Draped never made it into that post.  I'm a bad blogger, I know.  As a means of redemption, I include it here.  Am I forgiven?

Impala Sex Appeal.  I'm a fan of this Brazilian brand!  They've finally opened their own site that ships in the US, and Llarowe is also going to start carrying them, I believe.  Their bottles are so cute, and so far, I love the formulas.  Sex Appeal is a sexy orange/pink duochrome.  One of my fave duo combinations!

I topped it with Glitzology Guardian Angel.  This is a very pretty pink and iridescent flakie glitter with some pink hearts.  Be forewarned, though, that just about every polish I've tried from Glitzology needs to be thinned quite a bit.  This was so gloopy right out of the bottle!

Revlon Girly.  Another smash-hit glitter from Revlon this year, it's on everyone's wish list.  As well it should be, as it is awesome.  Pink jelly-ish, almost crelly (creme-jelly) base, with pink, blue, and purple glitters.  Great formula and application - really impressive for a drugstore brand, for sure.

Couldn't resist a little matte topcoat.  Love it.  A matte topcoat is so much fun to play with.  I'm currently using one from Hot Topic called Warpaint that I got for a dollar.  Essie's Matte About You is my other go-to matte topcoat, and I hear that Butter London's matte topcoat is pretty amazing.  I've even seen a 'recipe' online for making your own DIY matte topcoat with cornstarch. 

Are you feeling pink?

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