Lit from Within: Pupa holo polish and some nail art!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pupa holo polish and some nail art!

Back in December, I entered into a swap with a lovely lady in Israel - she wanted some American Indie polishes, and I wanted Pupa holographics, a brand from Italy that I could not get my hands on.  This lovely, lovely person scoured many shops and even had our swap interrupted by the bombing on Tel-Aviv.  Scary stuff!

Not only are these some of my most treasured polished because they are so gorgeous, they were also so hard to get!  But, definitely a happy ending had by all!

Pupa 34.  Such a romantic name.  Oh, that 34.  The Europeans probably wonder why we bother giving our polishes wacky names. 

I saw this tape mani on HeartNAT, and I thought I might try it with some of the Pupas.  This is the sage green holo, number 31.

In the corner, I added a teal holo, number 32.  I wish I had chosen something with more contrast, but sometimes the holos do tend to look a lot alike on the nail.

Pupa 38 is a gorgeous red holo.  My heart just goes pitter-pat for red holos.  Can't get enough.  Pupa 39 is champagne/gold.

I wanted to try this stunning red and black 'Aztec' design by Robin Moses, so I free-handed the red triangles.

And, using a black nail art striper, made these geometric designs.  I was super-happy with this look.

This is Pupa 37, a pink.  Seems like every holo collex has several.  I find it hard to tell the different shades apart, as you'll see in this mani.

I try, I really try to keep track of my inspirations for manis, because I don't have much of a creative streak on my own.  I hate it when I lose the link or pix from my inspiration.  This is another one... if you know who did the original, please let me know who to credit.  I added lines in Pupa 33, a light blue holo.

I added dots on the blue with Pupa 37, a lavender holo... but it blended too much with the pink, so it was really hard to tell it apart.  It kinda just looks like I stuttered with my blue lines.

I showcased this last look on I Heart Pretty Polish, but I created it with the Pupa holos, so I wanted to add it here again, too.  I used Pupa 30, a silver holo, and 35, the purple.  You can see the steps I used to create it on her blog.  

All of the Pupa polishes were among the best holos I've tried.  Silky formulas that flowed on the nails, no dragging, no special base coats or buffing, lots of rainbow and pigmentation.  Makes me want to try more Pupa products! 

Right now, I don't know how to get them other than through an international swap, but if you find them, let me know!  You can get more information on Pupa Milano on their Facebook Page.


  1. These are some very lovely holo's, I especially love the first one.
    And you nail art works great on them too :)

    1. Thank you, Maria! Are you able to get Pupa where you are?

  2. Love this! I love the nail art too.

    1. Girl, you gonna make me blush, now! Always feels good to impress the Mighty Phyrra. :):)


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