Lit from Within: Are you hands Happy Hands when covered in glittah?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Are you hands Happy Hands when covered in glittah?

Quick, flashback to Indie January?  I can't leave my Indies behind, I love them too much and I have so many to share with you.  I have a couple from Happy Hands to show you today!

Zoya Logan and Happy Hands Tricks are Something a Whore Does For Money...or Candy.   Logan is part of the Zoya Ornate collex.  I also have a soft spot for the name, I admit - I loved the name.. until it exploded, and everyone was having Logans.  Ok, I still love it, and he'll always be my favorite X-men character.

Zoya Logan is a pretty metallic/foily looking green.

I'm not sure what happened with this glitter.  It's one or two coats, I can't remember.  I like that it's opaque on its own... but... it's a little thick.  It kinda looks like a kid's glue and glitter project, where they just throw as much on as they can.

It's a little better applied in a thin layer over Logan... but I think this one is going to need some thinner before I try it again.

Joe Fresh Wave and Happy Hands Motherboy.  I want all the Joe Fresh polishes.  ALL.  I love every one I've tried.  Yes, there is a bubble on my finger.  It's my fault because of the glue base.  I was so impatient, I didn't wait for it to dry.  Plus, I knew I'd be covering my boo-boo with more glitter.

Motherboy definitely worked better on me as a layering polish.  Love it over the pale blue, not so much clumped on my nail by itself.

This glitterbomb would look better under some thick topcoat to smooth it out.  

I am still crushing on it over blue, though.  Spring perfection!

If you'd like to find out more about Happy Hands, you can find her on Facebook and her shop.  Her polishes are also carried by Harlow and Co.

Zoya is an amazing brand that treats its customers like a small business would.  They have great customer service and promotions.  Make sure to like their Facebook page to get their latest news!

Any thoughts on these glittahbombs?

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