Lit from Within: Sparkly Zoyas

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sparkly Zoyas

Zoya is one of my favorite mainstream brands of polish.  Their formulas are usually great, they have a lot of colors, their customer service is amazing.  I have three polishes to show you today, and, well, one of these is not like the others.

Indigo.  Oh, I wanted to love this one.  Look at the bottle!  Sparkly!  And blue, I love midnight blue, it's my favorite color.  Now, look at my nail.  No sparkly.  Where did it go??

I have no idea why none of that holo goodness made it onto the nail.  It's a pretty blue, but I really wanted sparkly blue.

Blaze.  Now, that's some sparkly!  Love this color - it's red, but almost a raspberry red.  It was so hard to get an accurate pix of this polish - the holo kept freaking out my camera and so most of my pix are blurry!

This polish caught the eye of my 7-yr old niece, too.  I gave her a glue base, though, so she picked it off soon after.  Her mom wasn't too keen on the bright red nails, but was okay when she saw how easily it came off.

Storm.  This is so pretty!  I love the black with holo sparkles.  I suppose it's no longer that unique, but it was at the time.  I still love it, though.

A little striping tape, and we get a peek-a-boo mani with Storm and Blaze.  You can just see the red peeking out.  Love!

Are you as bummed as I am when a polish reads one way in the bottle and then another way on the nail?  Do you like the striping tape technique?


  1. I'm with you in the love of Zoya. I want to own all of these. You should be on their payroll ;)

    1. I'd love to just get free polishes! I'm waiting for the next promo so I can get some of the Lovely and Pixie Dust collex... I've gotten a few zoya from blog sales, too. I like the color of Indigo, but am bummed about the sparklies, I have to admit. (Hello, my name is Indigo Zoya. You killed my sparklies, prepare to die.)


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