Lit from Within: LVX and Windestine

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LVX and Windestine

Sometimes, I get hooked into these sites like SneekPeek or HauteLook, where they discount these luxury brands so us average Jane's can try them.  I didn't know much about LVX, but I wanted to find out more. 

Avireo.  I must have a dozen iterations of this greyed green, and I keep buying them because I can't get enough.  I like how shiny it is.  I can't remember if it had problems with leveling or if the ripples are caused by the glue base coat and my impatience.  It's not on every finger, so I'm going to go with operator error.

Windestine has some of these micro-glitter topcoats that are so delicate and pretty.  This one is Hydrangeas.  I love the flashes of purple on the green.

Legendaire.  Gorgeous color, some problems with application.  This spring you are going to see LOTS of pastels, so pick one that you love and love to apply.  Pastels are notoriously streaky, so it usually pays to go with a higher-end brand for pastels.

Again, I went with Windestine Hydrangeas for the topcoat.  Now, the green is popping on the purple.

I also tried Windestine Into the Wild, a larger hex glitter of browns and coppers.  Love the glitter... not so much over the purple.  What was I thinking?!?

Prussian.  Oh, I love these darkened teal blues.

This time, I went with Windestine Jeweled Sand as a topcoat.  I like blue with brown and the light blue is really sparkling.  Seems a shame to cover up Prussian, though, with anything.

Primrose.  I don't really do these acid yellows.  Not my speed.

I did an abstract rose pattern using Prussian, Avireo, and Livid, a great pitch black polish from LVX.

Kinda takes the sting out of the acid yellow a bit! 

If you'd like more information about Windestine, you can find them on Facebook and their Etsy store.
LVX can also be found on Facebook.  They're having a 25% off promotion through Valentines' Day.

Do you feel yourself drawn to Windestine or LVX?


  1. I liked the yellow after you added to it. Which is strange because it's usually not my thing, either.

    1. I like some yellows, but this one was a little harsh. It did make a better backdrop, though, you're right. Oh, no, now I've got you liking *yellow* polish? cray-cray! lol


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