Lit from Within: Revlon-a-palooza in Green

Friday, February 8, 2013

Revlon-a-palooza in Green

I really enjoyed spending last month focused on Indies, but I did miss some of my drugstore polishes!  I wrangled together some Revlon greens and a few other lovelies to swatch for you.  I know the bottle is so retro!  It's so iconic, though, I'm sure I would miss it if it changed.

Guest List.  Beautiful greyed green, very dusty and muted.  Lighter than a lot of the army greens I have - this might be a great transition color for someone looking to try greens, but not willing to wear a bright green.. just yet.

I took an opalescent topcoat by Julep called Melissa and played with it over Guest List.  I love creating illusions with topcoats.

Ocean.  One of those mermaid-ocean green/blues.  You can see the green shimmer, but it did photograph more blue than it looks in Real Life. 

I just doodled different hearts.  Maybe I'm feeling the Valentines' Day vibe, maybe I'm in love....

Invitation Only.  This is a similar finish to Ocean, but more emerald in color. 

I paired it with one of the hottest new glitters for Revlon so far this year - Heavenly.  Apparently, it's a pretty good dupe for a Deborah Lippman.  The square glitters are nothing new for Indies, but they're pretty unique for drugstore brands.  The iridescent glitters will look great over so many different colors!  This can be a little tricky for the novice to apply, I rolled and dabbed the glitter on to get full coverage.

Matte topcoat! Yum.

Jaded.  It's not white, really.  It's the palest green ever!  So delicate and lovely.  Not streaky, and pretty glossy even without topcoat. 

I really loved this design from Dressed Up Digits, so I decided to do a green version.  I used Revlon Emerald for the filled squares, and Revlon Bewitching Bordeaux for the open ones.  I'm pretty happy with this!

Emerald City.  Not to be confused with Emerald, this is a matte suede!  Love, love this look. 

I took Ocean and a small nail art brush and made some squiggly lines first. 

Then, I took Jaded and made some flowers.

Emerald City is still pretty, even with topcoat.

Is there a green here you'd like to wear?  Do you like floral nail art or geometric?  I can't decide!

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