Lit from Within: Manatee Nails!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Manatee Nails!

One of the great things about living in Central Florida is all the different things to do.  Last year, my husband and I vowed to do more exploring, and one thing we did was take a cruise of Blue Springs and the St. John's river. 

It was a "manatee cruise"  So, I did manatee nails!

I made the water by sponging China Glaze Man Hunt and Exotic Encounters together, and the manatee was painted with China Glaze Elephant Walk.  I'm no artiste, so I found this pix from Amy's Creations, a quilting blog that I tried to copy.  This is Hugh, the Manatee:

Unfortunately, that day the water in the river was warm enough for the manatees, so they were hiding in the river rather than out in the open springs.  So, there are probably lots of manatees in this pix, but we didn't see any that day.

We did see a lot of these, though:  alligators!

If you thought the manatees on my left hand were funny, check out the ones I did on my right hand, with my non-dominant hand.  Hee-hee!

Do you ever do your nails to match an event or adventure? 

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