Lit from Within: Leftover Valentine Monkey-Inspired Nails

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leftover Valentine Monkey-Inspired Nails

The day after Valentines' Day - also known as Cheap Candy Day - also yielded an unexpected bonus this year!  Cute pink and red monkey stuffs!  I was inspired to make this mani to go with it.

Revlon Jelly. Oh, Jelly.  Look at that.. well, jelly.  It's a great reddish orange, uber-shiny.  The formula was a little thin, so be careful to avoid pooling in the cuticles. 

Revlon Pink Lingerie. I liked the color, but the consistency was a little sheer.  Love how it goes with Jelly, though. 

Building the layers was as easy as using the polish brush.  No special tools needed. 

Maybe I should have stopped before adding the last detail of pink?  I couldn't get it opaque.  I still like the contrast between the accent fingers and the rest of the mani, though.

Aw, lookit the monkey!

I love drinking my coffee out of my new monkey mug.  So silly and cute!

Have you ever been inspired to do a mani from something random? 


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