Lit from Within: Dark and Sparkly Butter London

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dark and Sparkly Butter London

In a dark mood?  Here's some complimentary colors to help you express it!

Chimney Sweep.  I loved swatches of this, but I kept putting off getting it because I thought I had enough charcoal grey shimmers.  I didn't have enough, I'm glad I got this one!  I love the blue shimmer.  Makes it look sooty, but bright, too.

 I added some tips with Dodgy Barnett, but then I made the tips a little wider so I could add another layer.

I added some Union Jack Black to the tips.  I really like the contrast between the shimmery grey, the sparkly silver, and the jet black.

I even like it with a matte topcoat!

Bottle shot:  Chimney Sweep, Dodgy Barnett, and Union Jack Black.

Branwen's Feather.  This is a lovely dark eggplant color with shimmer.  How does this color not get more love?  I really liked it.

I layered progressively smaller stripes of Chimney Sweep, Dodgy Barnett, Union Jack Black, and then another stripe of Branwen's Feather.  

Union Jack Black.  How many black polishes do I need?  Well, this one is a tossup.  It's really beautiful and glossy.  So glossy, it freaked my camera out.  It's not a one-coater, though, but does well in two.  So if you're happy with your Cult Nails Nevermore, or other A-England Camelot, or other 1-coat black, you may not want this.. but I'm glad I got it.  ooh, shiny.

I decided to use a stamp with this one, and stamped with sparkly Dodgy Barnett.  I liked this one so much, I wore it as a full mani the next day.

Dodgy Barnett.  A sheer, silver scattered holo.  There's still VNL after 2 coats, but it's so delicate and pretty I almost didn't mind.

I flipped the last mani and stamped over it with Union Jack Black, which does stamp well.  I have no idea where that blue came from on my thumb, though.  Seriously. 

So, what do you think of the dark side of Butter London? 

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