Lit from Within: An Almost Famous Sugar Rush!

Friday, March 1, 2013

An Almost Famous Sugar Rush!

At the last Sinful Colors sale, I picked up what I wanted from the Sugar Rush and the Almost Famous glitters.. and a special guest polish... at the end of the post!

Sweet Tooth.  Ah, lovely pastel lilac.  Can't get enough.  Someday, when I have more strength to do a destash, I will have to do a comparison of all my lilacs. 

I layered 2 thin coats of Fantasy over Sweet Tooth.  I wasn't in much danger of covering up the purple, as this glitter isn't very opaque, but this whole collection has a heavy shimmer that does obscure the base color if it's too thick.

This is why I always need swatches of glitter.  I can't tell if a glitter is going to be opaque or not just from a bottle.

Cotton Candy.  Sure is, isn't it?  I do like these bright, clean pinks, though.  Cheery!

Instead of reaching for an Almost Famous glitter, I couldn't resist this polish from F4 Polish - Pink Penguin.  I wish the pink glitters showed up more, that's my fault for choosing a pink base so close in color to it.  I love the black and white with the pink, though!  I wore this for a girly Girl's Night Out. 

The second pink in the collection, Sugar 'n Spice, is a bright, hot pink.  This one had the thickest formula - almost a one-coater.  I don't think of myself as a pink polish girl, but I'm liking these really pigmented pinks.

Going with the bold and bright theme, I layered on Glitzology Island of Misfit Toys.  Very thick, only one coat needed.  The shimmer almost obscures the colors if you go too thick with this glitter.

I love creamy oranges, and am on the hunt for the "perfect" one.  Not sure this is it, though.  Orange Cream was too sheer at 2 coats, kinda lumpy at 3.

I paired it with Bombshell.  Another glitter that fooled me from a bottle shot.  I'm not getting as much green on the nail, but the shimmer is a heavy golden color, that I liked with the orange base.

Candy Coated.  Periwinkle loveliness.  Great spring color!

I paired it with Showstopping (L) and  Star Dust (R)

Showstopping is another tricksy glitter.  It's barely-there in color, just a sprinkle of gold and holo.

Star Dust had a slightly purple tinted base that helped the fuchsia glitters pop out.

Sweet Nothing.  I love blues and aquas and teals...  Such a glossy finish, too.

This is paired with In The Spotlight.  This was probably my second favorite pairing.  My fave is coming up next.

Sugar Rush.  The namesake of the collex, and rightly so.  This is a gorgeous pastel blue.

I paired it with a polish I hunted for, and now is back in stores.  Green Ocean only comes out around St. Patrick's Day, so if you like it, get it while you can.   It's a lovely flakie that I just couldn't capture on camera.  Some say it's too thick, but I didn't have any problems with application.

Trying to catch the blue shimmer and flakies.  So much prettier in Real Life.  I love my flakies..

The Almost Famous collex was kinda disappointing to me.  The glitters looked so different in the bottles, but then they looked a lot alike on the nail to me.  I'm sure some people can tell the differences quite easily, but not me.  I could have picked one or two and never missed the others.

Sugar Rush is a fun collection of bright, innocent spring colors.  You'll be seeing a lot of these types of colors for spring, but at $2 (or $1 on sale) you can't beat the price.

Will you be getting a sugar rush? 


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