Lit from Within: Illamasqua Dots and Flowers

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Illamasqua Dots and Flowers

The Illamasqua sale took the nail polish community by storm, and I certainly wasn't immune.  I only owned a couple of these before the sale, so I took full advantage.  The formulas are really nice, and their rubber finishes are really innovative!

Jo'mina.  A lovely purple!  This is a favorite, for sure.  Not too light, not too dark.

Faux Pas.  One of the awesome rubber finishes.  This was the only polish I picked up with a matte rubber cap, too, not sure why.  Other rubber finishes had the shiny black cap.  This purple is a little less blue than I was able to capture with my camera.

I couldn't resist putting Jo'mina on top.  No topcoat, because I wanted to preserve the difference between the rubber finish and the glossy finish.  So cool!

Rampage.  Awesome name, awesome dark green crelly.  Allllmost a jelly, it took 3 coats to reach opacity.  Look at that shine.

Load.  The bad boy name with the innocent look.  Load isn't a true white, it has more of a creamy yellow tint to it.

I used all the polishes together to make this violet floral design that was inspired by Robin Moses.  You can find her tutorial on YouTube, and she can explain the process better than I can.

Bottle shots:

Are you feeling the Illamasqua love?  Do you like the rubber finish, or glossy better?


  1. It's super pretty, Nidia - I hope to get my polishes from that sale soon, bought for £75 on January 10th...

    1. Boy, it sure is taking it's sweet time getting to you! I bought some from their online sale, too, but I've already received it. I hear some grumblings about their customer service and long shipping times from that sale, though. BTW, Congrats on your new shop! Best wishes!

  2. Yes, it's Royal Mail that put a stick in the wheel when they suddenly stopped shipping nail polish (flammable goods), but I think it's taking a long time too, actually even if I still want my stuff, it makes me grumpy...
    And OH, thank you so much :)


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