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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enigmatic, like a Ninja...

I think it's pretty cool when people who love polish start making their own polish, especially when the results are like those of Ninja Polish!  When the Enigma collex came out, I sprang a ninja... and bought them.

Divinity.  This is a 'unicorn pee' cousin, something to tide over the lemmings for those of us who will never own a bottle of the mythical Clarins 230.

What this polish has that 230 doesn't, however, is the ability to go commando.  This is two coats, no undies.  The orange shimmer is divine, the purple background is awesome.  What I didn't capture on camera, but it so easy to see is the color shift to green and gold.  You'll catch yourself staring at your nails all day!

Ambrosia.  The orange shimmer that is so awesome in Divinity is what makes Ambrosia such a great polish, too.  This coral/pink/orange jelly really comes to life with that gold shimmer.  It immediately became my next pedicure - this bright, fun color is just the thing to chase away the winter blues, even in Florida.

I thought this quilted stamp with Maybelline Bold Gold brought out the shimmer and elegance of Ambrosia.  I wish I could have stamped this on my pedi, too, but I am not that talented!

Did the shimmer grab ya? 

Ninja Polish is a purveyor of many fine Indies and International brands, as well as their own line of polish.  If you'd like to find out more, you can find them on Facebook, and on their webstore.

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