Lit from Within: Glitter Me This (Batman)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glitter Me This (Batman)

In my head, "Glitter Me This" just sounds like the Riddler saying, "Riddle Me This, Batman"  ... which is probably what the Indie had intended, but I like stating the obvious.

My first impressions of this brand were not so favorable.  Both bottles arrived underfilled (you can see the fill lines in the pix - after only one mani on one hand!)  and the labels only had the name of the brand, not the names of the polish.  I had to go look them up on Etsy to see what they were called, and write it on the label myself.

Holo Peach.  Meh.  Not so holo, and not so peach.  It's more golden yellow.  Took 4 coats to reach this level of opacity.  At this rate, I might get 3 or 4 full manis out of the bottle!

A friend gave me some nail art stripers for my birthday, and they came with some stencils.  I was so excited to try them!  I thought they were reusable plastic, but they're stickers.

I tried reusing them anyway.  The first use was the middle of my thumb.  You can see that I only got one or two crisp images from the stencil.  Best for one-time use.  I used Revlon Chic for the stencil.

Rusted Red.  I really liked this color!  I'm sad my bottle was so underfilled on this one, actually.  I would have liked to wear this a lot more.  Definitely holo, and pretty.

I did some swirls with Revlon Raisin Rage.

And then took an art brush and painted the center with Revlon Poppy.  I really like how those colors complimented the Rusted Red!

Bottle shot:

I love how Poppy seems to bring out the gold shimmer in the Rusted Red.

If you'd like more information about Glitter Me This, they have a page on Facebook, and a shop on Etsy.

What do you think?  Would you wear either holo?  Would you be bummed if a bottle came underfilled?

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