Lit from Within: Sweet, Hard Candy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet, Hard Candy

Nail polish enthusiasts were all a'twitter when we heard that Hard Candy was revamping their cosmetic line and coming out with a bunch of new nail polishes!  At first, I wanted ALL of the pretties, but then I calmed down.  Today, I have two for you.

Crush On Lava.  A supposed dupe for Hard Candy Beetle (apparently it's close, but not a true dupe), it's the polish I most wanted.  I love a duochrome!  This one is pink and gold/orange.

It has large particle duochrome pigment, so it looks textured, but it's not.   I was inspired by this nail art I saw on Raggio di Luna and created my own version with a few rhinestones and a white striper.

Ah, duo-chromey goodness.

Piece of Papaya.  Another variation of pink and orange.  This one, unlike Crush On Lava, doesn't have the black undertones, it's pure metallic shiny lightness.

I love how it can be the same basic colors as Crush On Lava, and yet look completely different.  This is more pink with an orange shimmer, and a chrome/metallic feel to it. 

I wasn't a collector of the old Hard Candy, but I know some people still miss the rings that came on the bottle!  I like these new bottles, though.  Very current.  I liked both of the formulas, too.  Not bad for $4.

What do you think of the new Hard Candy line of cosmetics?  Will you be crushing on lava or getting a piece of papaya?


  1. Replies
    1. I picked up a few of the speckled glitter ones, too, but I had to try these first! Did you pick up any of them?


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