Lit from Within: Come and See.. more Tough As Nails!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Come and See.. more Tough As Nails!

If you didn't get enough Tough as Nails Lacquer yesterday, I have her newest collection to show you today!  It's based off the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Conquest:  The White Horse.  Actually a pale, shimmery grey, this is the polish that made me want this collex.  I knew I wanted it the second I saw it.  I love that pale, almost watery looking grey, and when it dries, it actually looks like one of the new textured polishes (think Zoya PixieDust).  Of course, a little topcoat and it's all glossy.

War: The Red Horse.  For some reason, I'm never that enthused about red polishes (except a good red holo)  so I wanted to see swatches of this one before I bought the collex.  It's actually a pretty simple and pretty polish.  The base is a raspberry jelly, and the glitters bring out flashes of true red.

Death: The Pale Horse.  When I see this one, I am reminded of the movie, "Tombstone" when the bad guy is talking about Doc Holliday and likens him to Death, and Hell coming with him.  oooh, *shiver*

I suspected that this polish would be difficult to reach opacity on it's own, so I used three layers by itself on my ring finger, and layered the others over Zoya Bevin.  If you don't mind a little VNL, the corpse-pale green of Death by itself is pretty, and allows for more of the flakies to do their thing.  Bevin matches it pretty nicely, though, takes care of the VNL, and is a good background for the glitters.

Famine: The Black Horse.  This one was so hard to get a good photograph, but it is one of my faves from this collex.  The black jelly really shows off the copper glitters, and the wine glitters flash with movement. Loving the circle glitters too!

Not to detract from my own wonderfully witty musings and pix, but another review of these polishes that I really liked, and did more justice to the background of the polishes, is from Accio Lacquer.  Her swatches are amazing, too!

Any favorites here?  This collex is so different from The Dregs, but I love them both.  Really well done collections!

If you'd like more information about Tough as Nails Lacquer, you can find her on Facebook and on Etsy.

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