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Monday, March 4, 2013

Picture Polish Perfect

It's hard to remember that PiCture pOlish is technically an Indie, because they look so professional!  They are one of the lab-created Indies, originating in Australia, and they've come a long way to be here with me!

Cosmos.  I like blue polish, I can not lie.  I have actually been trying to not buy so much of it because I know I have a lot - and how many blues do I need?  I couldn't resist Cosmos, though, because it really did look like nothing I have.

I took a pix after one coat because I just loved the color.

I did get more of a midnight-blue effect with two coats.  It's a little lighter in my pix because I'm using an Ott Light, and it's reflecting.

Mallard.  Deep green with green and gold flakies.  Flakies....  can't get enough.

I used Nails, Inc. The Wyndham to amp up the green flakies.  I'm glad it didn't completely cover the golden orange ones, but I wish I had a flakie that had that color, too.  I love the way the bottle looks, too; like some kind of primordial soup.

Both of these are collaboration shades, made in concert with bloggers who gave their opinions on what kind of polish they'd like to see.  There are bunches more of these collaborative shades (I reviewed Krypotonite and Demeter HERE) as well as other polishes and the Ozotic line.  You can order directly from them in Australia on Picture Polish's webpage, or find them on one of their distributor sites, such as Llarowe, Ninja Polish, or Overall Beauty.

Did you like these as much as I did?  Would you wear any polish, so long as you had a flakie topper?  (I think I would....)

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