Lit from Within: The Crumpet Amateur Art Contest - Blue

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Crumpet Amateur Art Contest - Blue

Maybe you've heard by now, but the Crumpet is hosting a nail art competition for amateurs.  The rules are that you have to either not be a blogger, or have a blog under 100 followers.  As of right now, I have 96.

The theme for this competition is:  blue.  Here's my entry:

I started with Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen.  I picked this up in a blog sale, and I love it.  It's pretty sheer, but sparkly.

I made the bottom tip with Sally Hansen Petrol, and then added stripes in white and silver.

I love these kinds of tips because they don't make my nails look more stubby.  It's not easy having tiny nail beds!

The competition is accepting entries until March 23rd, and then the voting begins.  If you'd like to help support me, please visit The Crumpet's blog


  1. So so pretty! I love it! Remind us again when we can go vote... :)


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