Lit from Within: The Dregs? I don't think so!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Dregs? I don't think so!

These polishes from Tough As Nails may be named for the dregs of society, but they are the creme de la creme of polishes!  I loved them all.

The Redundant Woman.  A lavender creme with a pink shimmer that was evident on the nail, but hard to capture with the camera.

My bottle shot didn't come out... but I used OPI Road House Blues and Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow (mixed with some white) for the flowers.  I got the idea from Set in Lacquer's nail art

East End Girl.  Pale blue with aqua shimmer.  This is two coats; I would have used a third if I was wearing it alone, but I knew I wanted to try it with some glitter.

I couldn't decide which glitter, so I tested two.  This is Lush Lacquer Seas The Moment - a mix of bright green, white, and blue.  Very eye-catching.

I was also drawn to this subtle glitter from F4 Polish, Abominable.  The small white glitters mute the blue background, and make the turquoise pop.

Thumb is East End Girl alone, index and middle with Abominable, and ring and pinkie with Seas The Moment.  Which do you like more?  I can't decide...

Magdalene's Laundry Service.  A lovely sheer pink with pink, rose, and gold glitters.  Very pretty and demure.

I wanted to give it a harder edge, so I paired with Mentality Gregarious - a microglitter mix of black and silver.

Builder's Tea.  Creamy light brown with flecks of bronze and black.  One of my fave combinations of colors.

This one just seemed to want a retro floral pattern, so I went with it.  I used Revlon Electric Pink and Plum Baby for the flowers.

I loved how these polishes evoked a feeling of hard and soft for me.  Edgy, but beautiful.  All were easy to apply, opaque in 2-3 coats, no dragging of glitter.  And I love her new square bottles.

If you'd like more information about Tough as Nails Lacquer, you can find her on Facebook and on Etsy.

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