Lit from Within: The Fruity Punch of Polish

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Fruity Punch of Polish

I have a few colors to show you today that just remind me of fruity cocktails, and that the beach is only a moment away..

Illamasqua Grab.  What to call this color... somewhere between fuchsia and magenta, I guess?  Definitely in the pink family.  Nice, glossy finish.

I added Julep Jordan, a mix of silver glitters, to give it an edge.  Adding some black would look nice, too!

Illamasqua Lament.  This was one of my surprise favorites!  A coral/salmon color that is bright, but not blindingly so, and definitely not neon. 

I love coral and gold together, so I thought Glitzology Sock Monkey would pair nicely.  Even with a very thin layer, it almost completely covered Lament!  Gives it almost a patina look, like an old gold lame' purse.

Gamma.  Now this is pretty much a neon, only in a rubber-type finish.  My camera couldn't capture the true brightness of this polish.  Definitely more bright than simply orange, but not radioactive yellow, either.  A fun summery color.

I took a fan brush and swept Lament and Grab over Gamma.  The mixture really looks like fruit punch to me!  But not the kiddie Kool-Aid version, more like the one with an umbrella in it.  This look needs topcoat to make it all meld together.

Bottle shot:

Too soon for summer?  It's 5 o'clock somewhere...


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    1. I almost didn't pick it up, but I thought, eh, for half price, I'll try it. Boy, am I glad I did, I really like it!


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