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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More, MOAR Model City!

Today, I have the last two polishes in the Model City Spring collex.  They are all very subtle pastel holos, and I've decided to show them all as-is, with a matte topcoat, and stamped.  If you're just tuning in now, I started this collex on Stamping Sunday, and in yesterday's post.

Pretty In Pink.  I know I'm not the only one who has to sing the name of this polish.   I'm noticing a trend in all my pix that my ring finger seems to have more VNL than the other nails.  Not sure why that is, but I really love stating the obvious, so there you go.

Love this with a matte topcoat.  So far, they all look amazeballs with a matte topcoat.

Stamped, again with the DRK-C plate, and Finger Paints Black Expressionism. Groovy, baby.

You Blue Me Away.  If there was one polish in the collex that didn't work for me, well, it's the notorious pastel blue.  I could not get this to level out on me.

Note to self:  If a polish has mistakes, do not use matte topcoat - it only makes the mistakes more noticeable.

Another stamp with DRK-C, and Kleancolor Metallic Green.  I was trying to camouflage my bad paint job... but I only made it worse.  I should have waited longer for the polish to dry.. note the new ding.  Another note to self:  when it's bad, just start over.  Sometimes, you just can't hide it!

Overall, I really liked this collex, and if you bought the whole thing like I did, you got a free bottle of her holo topcoat, Seize the Rainbow.  So, if you wanted more holo, you could DIY. 

Is this a pastel collex you'd like?  What was your fave - as-is, matte, or stamped?  Would you add more holo?

If you'd like more information about Model City Polish, you can find them on Facebook, and her store on Etsy


  1. I love Pretty in Pink and as a notorious anti-matte finish gal, I'm shocked at how much I love it with the matte top coat!

    1. Oooh, is someone going to buy a matte topcoat now? ;) And, pink? you wear pink now? lol! I don't wear much pink, but I liked it, too.


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