Lit from Within: Adventures In Stamping - Plate ending in 6

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adventures In Stamping - Plate ending in 6

I love these challenges where there is more freedom to choose, and choosing any plate ending with a 6 is pretty open.  I started with Illamasqua Poke, because of course I'm using Illamasqua.  I'll be turned onto another polish next week, and another after that...

Illamasqua sure does have some pretty purples.  Poke is a shimmer.  Jo'mina is a medium creme, Faux Pas is a dark rubber purple.  I used Amy's Nail Boutique plate W226, with the flower.  There are mirror images of the full nail art, which is rather clever, for those who have nails long enough to make a difference.  I'm lucky I can get a whole flower on my little nubs.

I used Sinful Colors Super Nova, a shimmery copper, to stamp with.  Reminds me of holiday wrapping paper!

Do you like a subtle stamp, or would you like more contrast? 

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