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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Something a little different Sunday - My... Indies? What?

Don't worry, there are some normal polishes today, too.

Last year, I went to The Makeup Show in Orlando, and there was a booth that sold nail polishes - that you made yourself.  Well, I've been loving Indie polishes for awhile, so I wanted to see if I could do it, too.  I made three.

The first is a wine/brown with red glitter.  I love the color, but it's too easy for the red glitter to get lost.  And. like all three polishes I made, it's pretty gritty.

The good news?  Look how *fantastic* it looks with Color Club Snow-Flakes on it.  I love flakies.  This was part of their 2012 Holiday line, but I understand it's a dupe for Essie Shine of the Times and the like.

This is a green I made, with gold holo glitter.  Something about green and gold together!  Pretty, but again, gritty.  How do Indie makers get the polish to be smooth?

I decided to layer 365 Days of Color Rock Candy over it.  Very festive, if not my cup of tea.  I got this in a grab bag of polishes.  It's pretty, but I just am not that much into shards of glitter.  Maybe in a jelly sammich.

And, finally, a light blue with dark blue and holo glitter.  Grit-tastic, and a little frostier than I'd thought it would be. 

I layered Lilacquer Blueberry Pi over it, but it didn't show up much at all. Whomp-whomp.

So, here's what I learned:
-  Almost every polish can be changed by adding a topcoat glitter.  It's not always changed for good.
- Making polish is super easy.  Making GOOD polish... not so much.

So, hat tip for the Indie makers who take pride in a good product with materials that don't bleed or curl up, that are smooth and pretty.  I'll keep buying them, because I'm not so good at making them.


  1. ooooh!! like those. i was so tempted to make one. i didnt do it though. maybe this year i will try.
    i love the color club flakie. i think i bought that one and havent used it yet....
    *runs to paint nails*

    1. Did you use the CC flakie? It's soo pretty. I think it's the same as a lot of other flakies, but I fall in love every time I see that flakie combo!


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