Lit from Within: Feelin' Mellow Yellow

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feelin' Mellow Yellow

I don't wear yellow very often, but I did find a few different swatches from over the past year, so I decided to lump them together into a giant yellow post-it.

Claire's.  Like all of Claire's minis, this has no name.  I wonder what it must be like to work at that factory.  "Can I have more of that color?  You know, the most recent blue?"  Anyway, it was not so good, as you can see.  Streaky!

Model City It's My Birthday.  I layered this over the Claire's polish, but its yellow base was opaque on its own.  I like this one, it's a fun, fresh take on the milky glitter polish with multi-color confetti glitter.

CrowsToes Asterope.  I love a good orange/pink/yellow multichrome, and this is excellent.  Great coverage, nice, easy shift.  The bottom pix shows more of the golden yellow.

LynBDesigns Quincy.  This was a polish I got a while ago, and it sat in my untrieds... for way too long.  I really like it!  The name is cool, too, from her line of polish that has boy's names.  This is a fun, unique polish!

Jessica Banana Peel.  I like Jessica polishes, and they did their best with yellow, but it's still a little streaky.  It's a different yellow, too - a little vintage, maybe?  Nice glossy finish, and I really liked it as undies for the next glitter.

Glitzology Princess Buttercup.  I think Glitzology polishes are pretty cool, but they are usually very thick.  This one applied very nicely, and I was surprised to find that the flowers came out without any digging.  I really liked the pale green glitters and how they looked against the base color and with the yellow glitters.  Probably my fave Glitzology polish to date!

Would you wear a yellow mani?  Do you like the yellow creme or a glittered look?


  1. Yellow is a super tough color to wear, in my opinion. I would wear the Model City one, though.

    1. It is.. I can't believe I have as many as I do.. I love the color, but it doesn't always love me back.


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