Lit from Within: It's a Dandy Spring!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's a Dandy Spring!

The Spring collex for Dandy Nails has all my weaknesses - grey, milky bases, blue..  Let's see if you can resist better than I did!

Started Out With A Kiss.  Ever so sheer and demure. I really could have used undies with this polish.  I also had quite a bit of glitter stuck on the bottle, so maybe it was supposed to be more dense on the nail.   I decided to use it as one layer for a multi-glittered look.

I added Elevation Polish Daisen, and I like the combo.  Lookie at those circle glitters! Too cool.

Bound To Fall.  Oh, grey jelly with blue glitter makes me weak in the knees.  Especially flakies.

I thought this color would be a great compliment to a nail art by Robin Moses I'd seen with daisies.  Her tutorial is on You Tube, and she could explain the process better than I could.

I used Zoya Bevin and a little white for the petals, Zoya Cheryl and Illamasqua Gamma for the daisy centers.

Piece of Youth.  Have you seen the movie, "My Cousin Vinnie"?  If you have, then you know how I want to pronounce the name of this polish.  Youts.  haha!

Lovely turquoise with yellow glitters!  Like spring in a bottle.  Which made me think of another daisy nail art I wanted to try, on Pinterest from Ruth's Nail Art.  Sunshine-y daisies!

I used a white nail art striper for the petals, and Zoya Pippa for the centers.

Paranoia In Bloom.  This one was hard to photograph, but so beautiful!  A dark teal base with teal, blue, purple, and maybe holo microglitters that come together as a foil-looking polish. 

I wanted to see what it would look like with more bling, so I used F4 Rockerfeller.  I like this glitter, but I'm not sure I did it any favors using it here.  I think it would look better with a glitter that was more gold, less white.

So, did you (bound to) Fall for Dandy Nails?  It started with (a kiss) WonderWall for me, and my love affair with Dandy Nails has been strong ever since.  I wouldn't want to make her Paranoid (in bloom) by stalking her, but this collection definitely has a Piece of my (Youth) heart.

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