Lit from Within: Quick! Like a bunny..hare!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick! Like a bunny..hare!

Hare is one of those Indies that made a splash B.Me.  (Before Me)  I had no idea about them, but when she came back, everyone was looking forward to her return.  I can see why,  I've really liked her creations that I've tried.

Cast In Bronze.  Reddish-purple jelly with bronze glitters.  There is a little bit of curling on the squares in this polish, but it hasn't affected the polish performance yet.  Certainly no taco glitters.

I added a swirl at the tip with Amy's Nail Boutique New Penny, a copper holo that matched the bronze glitters perfectly!  For a little contrast, I took my trusty black striper and added a swish and a couple of dots.

Impala Inocense.  I love Impala polishes.. from the bottle to the formula and colors.  This one is very sheer, though, so it worked great as undies for King of Carat Flowers.

King of Carat Flowers.  Love!  Delicate, pretty, great formula, no fishing for glitter.  I love a great understated glitter that is also interesting.  Gold, purple, lavender, and different shapes.

Electric Flame.  This one probably could have used undies, too, but I kinda didn't care.  Squishy orange!  With pink flakies!  I did not want to take this one off.  I really liked it.

I couldn't resist a little 3-D glitter - shaped like a hare. 

Supernova Springs.  Blackened jelly with dark green glitter.  It just looks like you could go swimming in it..

Bury the Hatchetfish.  This may well be my fave Hare polish.  This is a surprising polish!  I thought it was just going to be another taupe, but the flakies really take it to another level.

Both of the flakie polishes get even better with some topcoat. 

I've known I like flakies, but BTH and EF make me love them even more.  Are you a fan of the flakie?

If you'd like more information about Hare, you can find her on Facebook and on her Etsy store or webpage.


  1. You may have convinced me to try flakies!

    1. Aside from holos, they are my fave kind of polish. I love the way the light catches them and creates different effects.

  2. I love some flakies! Electric flame has been on my wish list for a while, but now I think I need Bury the Hatchetfish too! Great swatches!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Hare polishes are showing me a real subtle beauty that I'm really liking. I should check out her new collex.


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