Lit from Within: Stamping Yellow Over Black? No way!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stamping Yellow Over Black? No way!

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's stamping challenge was to use a stamp in addition to some other technique.  I'm busting out with stamping using a new technique for color mixing!  Natalie Brookes Nail Art discovered that if she took any polish and mixed it with white, it would become a more opaque 'stamping' polish.  You can find her tutorial on Instagram HERE.

So, if the technique is about stamping over black, I guess I'll put on my fave black, Cult Nails Nevermore.  One-coat shiny black goodness.

Cult Nails Nevermore.  One-coat shiny black goodness.

Ever search for the just the right words, but only symbols will do?  They you need this image from the DRK-C plate!

DRK-C plate

In the tutorial, you put the white and the color on the image side-by-side, and then use the scraper to quickly blend the two colors before using the stamper.  I probably used a little too much white, but you can see how thin this neon yellow is.  I'm sure with a little practice, I'll get the mix to look right.  

Bottle shot:  Wet 'n Wild Pin 'Em Slater, Milani White On The Spot, and  Cult Nails Nevermore.

Bottle shot:  Wet 'n Wild Pin 'Em Slater, Milani White On The Spot, and  Cult Nails Nevermore.

I'm excited about the stamping possibilities! Maybe I can make a red that stamps over black, too!  Have you tried this technique?  Is there a technique you've discovered that made you more excited to use a polish, or any beauty stuffs?


  1. That is such a cute stamping image! The yellow looks great over the black too.

  2. Yes adding white always is a good trick, also when working with acrylic craft color, the result is so nice.

  3. That's an interesting technique, I've never heard of anything like that before.

  4. What a fun stamp pattern! Love the little skull and crossbones


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