Lit from Within: Spring Stamped Sheswai

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Stamped Sheswai

Hello, Fireflies!

Spring must be on its way - one day I'll have the house open for a cool breeze, the next day, I have the A/C on, and then the day after that, I need a blanket! I'm sure the flowers have no idea what's going on.  Mother Nature is a bit bipolar these days.

Yet, I'm feeling the need today for a light, spring nail art.  I started with this very sheer nude from Sheswai Lacquer called So Pretty. 

Sheswai Lacquer So Pretty, a very sheer nude

Then, I used my Dashica Plate Big SdP-B and Sheswai Lacquer Babe, a bold bright pink, to stamp the flowers and some of the lines on an angle across the top of the nail. 

 Dashica Plate Big SdP-B and Sheswai Lacquer Babe, a bold bright pink, to stamp

When you have nubs, sometimes you have to get creative with the stamps to have them show anything! Some nails only have parts of flowers, and no lines.

I thought these cute flower rhinestones would go nicely, and I also placed some iridescent glitter in the stamped flowers, just for a little flash when they'd catch the light.

Does this say SPRING or what?  Hopefully, the weather is listening!

Bottle shot:  Sheswai Lacquer So Pretty and Babe

Bottle shot:  Sheswai Lacquer So Pretty and Babe

What are you most looking forward to with the Spring?


  1. Love these! The added rhinestone flowers really complete the look!

  2. This is so girly and pretty! I'm aching for Spring right now!

  3. That stamping pattern is so cute

  4. Another cute nail art from you. The pattern is so adorable!

  5. That pattern is beautiful!!! Super spring!

  6. I seriously need to learn how to stamp. This looks great!

  7. I wish I was that good at stamping, your manicure turned out so gentle and whimsical :)

  8. This looks so sweet and pretty! I love the two Sheswai shades. I can't wait for the snow to be gone. And warm weather again!

  9. Very sweet! Those flowers are adorable :)

  10. oh my - I really love these flowers. Absolutely gorgeous mani

  11. I need to perfect my stamping game! great mani

  12. Pretty! I want to try my hand at stamping (no pun intended, LOL!)

  13. cute, fresh and springy! I really want to try stamping...need to just sit down and do it.


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