Lit from Within: Simple Saturday - Coral & Glitter, Two Ways

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Simple Saturday - Coral & Glitter, Two Ways

Hello, Fireflies!

Ever find yourself reaching for the same colors or combinations of colors for your makeup or nails?  When going through the vault, I found two sets of coral and glitter nails that I thought might make a nice post together.

I would call Butter London MacBeth a red-leaning coral, I suppose.  Dark pink?

Butter London MacBeth, a red-leaning coral

I remember hearing about the fuss OPI I Lily Love You made when it came out, but I could never find a bottle.  I found this one in a blog sale not too long ago.  Now I get it.  It's pretty gorgeous, but I do have a thing for iridescent glitter/flakies.

OPI I Lily Love You

It's such a squishy, glowy topcoat.

Look, ma! Two hands!

LA Colors Flash Pop in Mad Duo has a completely different kind of coral - almost a neon, orange-leaning one.

LA Colors Flash Pop in Mad Duo

The glitter has mylar shards as well as regular glitter, and has a little bit of that glowy effect, but its not as refined as OPI I Lily Love You.  This is a Punk Rock version!

Perfect for summer fun.

Which coral and glitter is more your style?  The soft, romantic pink with iridescent flakies, or the semi-neon orange with shards?


  1. Both are pretty! I love the combinations for both of them too.

  2. I love I Lily Love You! It's such fun way to spice up any mani.

  3. I like this LA Colors Flash Pop Mad Duo!

  4. The BL is one of my all time faves! <3

  5. love glitter! It's one of the best ways to make your base color pop.


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