Lit from Within: Avon and Glitter II

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Avon and Glitter II


Today, the colors are a little on the lighter, earthy side.  The first color is a peachy-nude called Golden Sand.

I decided to use it as an accent color along with Venus, a frosty champagne.  These are a little more sheer, and even after 2 coats, I still had a little VNL under Golden Sand.  The frost in Venus camouflaged it for the most part.

I covered the whole thumb nail and parts of the other nails with Tokidoki Savana, a golden glitter with some holo microglitter.  I like how it blends right into Venus, but compliments Golden Sand and brings out the orange in it.

Again, I had problems with the drying time on these.  Hours later, I pushed all the polish off my nails with my thumb.  Perhaps these *need* a fast-dry topcoat, because I didn't use one.

 Last, a polish from Avon's Speed Dry line, Mink.

Mink is a cool-toned brown with a shimmer.  I really like this color, and best of all, it lived up to the Speed Dry name.  This polish dried fast and looked great.  I will definitely buy more colors from that line.

The Kleancolor glitter I paired it with turned out to be more full-coverage than I thought.  Sometimes, it's hard to tell with Kleancolor - usually their glitters are so thick and heavy on the base.  The holo and microglitters are fantastic, and so was this one.  The label on the bottom said it was Metallic Black, but the label on the handle said it was called Go Bunny.  I'm pretty sure it's not black.

Do you like Avon polishes?  I bought all of these when they were on sale or clearance, around $2-$3.50 a bottle. 

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