Lit from Within: Pretty Princess Pink and Purple

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pretty Princess Pink and Purple

A little break from the bold to do some 'palate cleanser' delicate manis for you.

The first one is OPI DS Opulence, a dark pink scattered holo.  I would love to get more of the DS line, so far every one I've tried is a winner.  A dream would be to get DS Original, but I'm not paying $50 to get it.

I love that it's a pretty color, but it's so complex.  Probably one of the few times I just wore ONE polish. 

Can you tell I've been practicing my gradients?  This one started with a layer of Sinful Colors Mystique, a pearl finish pale, pale lavender/grey.  I used Milani 3-D holo in Hi-Res on the tips.

I must have liked this mani, I did both hands! 

I wanted a little more shine, so I layered Different Dimension Inner Goddess over the top.  I really like this glitter!  It looks translucent, almost like flakies, but it's glitter.

Do you like to wear pretty princess manis?

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