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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nail Art Trends from KKCenterHK

I feel like I've officially arrived as a beauty blogger.  I've been personally asked to review some products from KKCenterHK, and I got to choose what I wanted to review.  So here's my picks for what you need for your nails.

I've been stamping for a little while now, and I've tried lots of plates and stampers, and these are as good, or better than the ones I've tried.  This stamper is small and cute, but it also works really well.  I didn't have to fight to pick up the polish from the plate, and I didn't have to push hard to get the image to release on my nail.  Clear images!

I usually use a bank card to scrape my plates, so it was refreshing to see a plastic scraper that won't damage your plates!  Yes!

Look at this awesome packaging for the stamper and plate.  Each bag has a zip-top closure, and the bags are reusable and durable.  The stamping set can be found HERE, and this plate can be found HERE.

Here was my only stamping snafu. I assumed that the packaging was the only seal on the plates, because I had only seen blue covers on plates up until now.  So, I tried and tried to stamp... until I realized that these plates have a *clear* wrap on them.  Once I removed that, it worked like a dream.

I stamped using Finger Paints Paper Mache and Sinful Colors Black on Black over Sally Girl Lime.  

Some of these are going to be so much fun for Halloween!

I also got to try two products I've never tried before:  fuzzy stickers and water decals. So excited!  Again, great packaging!

I started out with 2 coats of Butter London Saucy Jack, a perfect red, as a backdrop to these fuzzy fan stickers.

The stickers come on a sheet, and I removed and placed the stickers on my nails using a pair of nail art tweezers.  They have a strong adhesive, so make sure you know where it's going before you apply it!

I *loved* this look.  I haven't seen anything like it!  Glossy red, shiny gold, and fuzzy black! If you like these stickers, too, you can find them HERE.

Continuing with the theme of bringing out my wild side, I also got these water decals.  Fierce!

I cut it off the sheet around the image I wanted.  It doesn't really matter how you cut it, though, because the decal is perforated close to the image, and will come detached when you remove it from the water, in a perfect tiger shape.

I just put the decal in water for about 10 seconds, removed it from the water, and peeled off the paper backing.

I have small nails, so most of the images would fit on much larger nails than mine.  This one fit perfectly over the whole nail.  I used OPI Black Onyx on all my fingers, first.


For added bling, I used Lush Lacquer Cheetahlicious on my other fingers.  I'm ready for a 'wild' time now!  If you are, too, you can find these water decals HERE.

KKCenterHK has many, many more items to decorate your nails and face.  They are pretty famous for their large inventory of false eyelashes, too.  I was impressed with my experience with KKCenterHK, and I hope you will also like them.

Some of these products were provided for my review.  Nonetheless, my opinions are as honest and unbiased as possible.  For more information about these products and more, please visit

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