Lit from Within: Floam and Sand Art

Monday, September 3, 2012

Floam and Sand Art

When I couldn't get a bottle of Floam for love nor money, it was said that Pretty and Polished Sand Art was a similar polish, so I snagged one of those.  Later on, after everyone else bought a bottle of Floam, I got one, too!

I layered both of them over a polish brand that is new to me, but was great - Black Radiance B-Girl.  This is a gorgeous teal, nice formula, and inexpensive. 

Which of these is not like the other, which of these is not the same?

Yep, Sand Art is on all the fingers except the ring finger, which is wearing Floam.  They are cousins, but not dupes.  Sand Art is a little darker, and has those lovely pink and purple glitters that Floam lacks.

I reversed them on the other hand.  Everything is Floam, except the ring finger.  I love this look.  It's like one of those hidden picture games - no one would know I have different colors on unless I told them, but *I* would know.  lol!

 That microglitter is the bomb-diggity.  I love it!

 I added some NYC topcoat for shine:

 And, then, I matted it.  Which do you like better?

What's your vote? Sand Art or Floam? Shiny or matte?


  1. That's a tough one! I have Sand Art and I love it! Still want the Floam though!!! I love them both!

    1. I was the same way! They're similar.. but not the same. :)

  2. As Jen-Jindie say. a tough one - but I think I like Floam the best :)

    1. I can't wait for you to feature full-on glitter on your blog. ;) Or, maybe you'll do some cool art with Floam? :)


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