Lit from Within: The days of wine... and more wine

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The days of wine... and more wine

I want to show you a few polishes today that all have some element of a wine or burgundy color to them... wine, and more wine.

First up, my first Fanservice nails polish, Gwen Cooper. 

This polish was excellent.  I loved the complexity of the glitters, the easiness of the formula.  I loved the color.  I think I went around all day shoving my hands under my husband's nose and asking him, 'doesn't this look great? Isn't this the most beautiful polish ever?"  He had me Baker Acted soon after.

Maybe I exaggerate.. a little.  I do like this polish, a lot, though.

This next one starts off green.  I know, not wine.  Bear with me.  Revlon Rainforest, a jewel-tone dark green with microglitter sparkles.

Layered over it, a beauty from F4 Polish, Summer Melon.  I've managed to make it look not-quite-as-summery by layering it over the dark green, which makes the pink pop, and the background meld with the burgundy and black glitter.

And, last, but not least, is an OPI lemming I had to go looking for, Pepe's Purple Passion (I'm not a shrimp! I'm a King Prawn!)

Dark and lovey, with a very subtle glass fleck, but maybe too dark for that day - you can see that it dries slightly darker than the bottle color.

So, I lightened it up with a glitter from Tokidoki, Ciao Ciao.  I think they go so well together!

Now, who is ready for a glass of wine, and who wants it with a bottle of wine polish?


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