Lit from Within: Cult Nails no-water marble

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cult Nails no-water marble

I know I based this off of someone else's marble, but for the life of me, I can't find it.  It was probably a design of Robin Moses, though.  I used different colors than the original.

All of the colors I used in this design are from Cult Nails.  Love their colors, the formulas, even the bottles!  I'm a fan.  These worked really well for needle marbling, too.  I've only done this technique a few times, but I'm sure I'll do it again.  Regular water marbling is so messy, and though I've only tried it a few times, I've never been successful.

 The base color for all the fingers except the ring is Vicious, an eggplant creme.  Cult Nails collections have a lot of purples, so I waited for a sale to pick up this one.  I shouldn't have waited!  It's gorgeous, and I know I'll be wearing it this fall.

The ring finger base coat is Tulum, a tan with a golden shimmer throughout. It's a great neutral.

The other colors in the marble are Bad D.N. (Devious Nature) and Awakening.  Bad DN is a pink that leans purple, but is apparently a different batch from the regular Devious Nature.  Awakening is a gorgeous dark teal that I am in love with.

After adding a few drops of color to the nail, I swirled it around with a small paintbrush.  I pulled the extra polish off the sides and bottom of the nail by pressing my thumb against the nail and then releasing. Before the ring finger dried, I placed three small square rhinestones (also from Cult Nails) into the polish, and sealed it with Wicked Fast topcoat.

A little glam, a little fun, a little messy.  I hope you like it, and try a needle marble!

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