Lit from Within: Heavy Metals

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heavy Metals

Today, I want to show you some polishes and glitters in the same metal color family.  First up is OPI Number One Nemesis:

Part of the OPI Spider-man collection, this color, like most of them in that collection, had *nothing* to do with Spider-man.  So bizarre.  

Look at that complex mesh of glitters, though! So beautiful.

I paired it with Pahlish Sitting in a Tin Can that I bought from a blog sale.  It's my first polish with diamond glitter.  I haven't decided yet if I like diamond glitter.  Have you tried the "super secret" glitter technique by Otaku nails?  It does make it easier to get full coverage with glitter!

Next up, Rimmel Hard Metal.  This is a metallic steel grey.  I don't own too many Rimmels, as the selection around here is pretty limited, but I've liked the formula of the ones I've tried.  I just wish they had more colors.

Layered over Hard Metal is Elixir Lacquers Powder Keg, a mix of black and grey, and a glitter that flashes between blue and purple, in a dark base.  I don't know if Hard Metal is *needed* under Powder Keg, but I like the steel grey/blue undertone that it gives the final look.

Last is Daring Digits Girls' Night Out.  No undies for this one.  It's a nice, full-coverage glitter.  When you look straight at the bottle, it looks black, and then as you move it, the colors flash.  Unlike Powder Keg, which is monochromatic (with maybe some blue), Girls' Night Out has multi-colored or holo glitter. 

Likely, all of these polishes could be mixed and matched with each other and get similar results.  I love a dark grey, blingy polish, what can I say?  Do you?  What about those diamond glitters?


  1. Number One Nemesis is supposed to be a reference to Venom. Ok, got my nerd tourettes out of the way. I love graphites, these all look great on you! Great blog :)

    1. I should have asked my hubby about that - he's a comic book geek! lol. Thanks for the kudos! :)


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