Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Leafy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stamping - Leafy

It must be coming on Fall, because the stamping challenge is 'leafy'. Not that Fall is about falling leaves in Central Florida - not really.  I think we get about a week or two of cooler weather that could be either fall or winter, and the few trees that aren't pine or palm seem to dump their leaves all at once.  I still love it, though - it's a break from all this heat, and it's the end of hurricane season!

Hard to believe that this beautiful duochrome is a $2 bottle of Essence.  I wore it all day without anything on top, I loved it that much.  So easy to see the shift from purple to green, even teal.  This color is called Chic Reloaded, and I bought it online at Ulta because my local store never seems to have them in stock.

I broke out two new polishes for today's stamping, and I give them both an A+.

Both are part of the new Sinful Colors Metallics collection, and are also $2 a piece.  This is quite the budget-friendly mani, if I do say so myself.  Moss Have is a Must Have for stamping.  I don't have any greens that stamp so easily and so brightly.  Gone Platinum is the purple - and, unlike the Essie Nothing Else Metals, this one actually looks purple on the nail, not silver.

I just swiped or dabbed both colors on the plate, swiped with a bank card, and stamped.  Duo-colored leaves over a duo-chrome base!

The stamp is from DRK-A, if you were curious.  I just bought it in a blog sale, and couldn't wait to use it.  Are you stamping today?

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