Lit from Within: Mysterious Murder by #'s

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mysterious Murder by #'s

Crow's Toes is a new-to-me brand that is getting some good press.  I'd seen swatches of Murder by #'s and I'm so excited right now by the dark base/holo glitter combos that I knew I'd want it.. and quick, because it soon became discontinued.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Olive Branch because I thought it matched the green sheen in MBN pretty well, and because I've been wanting to try it since I picked it up.  It's even more beautiful on that I'd thought it would be, and like most Sally Hansen CSM, it has a wonderful, easy-breezy formula.

I wanted to show you the Olive Branch next to it layered because I thought, as beautiful as it is, it didn't seem to affect the deep color of MBN, which actually has more of an emerald glow compared to Olive Branch.

In this pix, MBN is taking on a purple shimmer!  It's a duochrome.  I love polishes with surprises.

I painted on some butterflies with Sally Hansen White Tip, and brushed on some L'Oreal Silver Sparkle on the wings.  I tried to copy a technique I saw on a Robin Moses video, but I need a little more practice!

Right hand:

Why so mysterious?  Seems I have a disappearing bottle shot, and where's the full mani shot?  I always take them, so it appears that Murder by #'s was just being camera shy that day.  Makes sense for a wanted murderer, I guess.  Can't be too careful.

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