Lit from Within: The Worst Smelling Lacquer in the World

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Worst Smelling Lacquer in the World

I went 'dusty hunting' at a few beauty shops in Daytona recently, and came upon two that specialized in ethnic beauty supplies.  I found a couple of polish brands I'd never heard of before, and picked up one called Nanacoco.

This is Neon Flux.  Look how pretty it is.  Shimmery, almost foil-like, opaque in one-coat.

And it smelled like it had died a century ago and went to nail polish Hell.  Horrible.  Worse than any Kleancolor, much, much worse.  I could barely breathe.

I covered it up with Everybeauty Carnaval Mist, a beautiful Indie green shimmer polish with holo microglitter.

I love microglitter!  I love holo!  Can't get enough of it. Indie sellers see me coming a mile away. 

After a few days, I must have forgotten the trauma of the Nanacoco, because I thought to try it again.

I started with another experiment, to see if Revlon Mistletoe and Sally Hansen In a Flurry were dupes. 

Cousins, maybe, but not dupes.  Mistletoe, on the thumb and ring finger, has a much different finish, smaller, duller glitters, and is a tad more green than In A Flurry, which leans teal.

From a distance, though.. I doubt the layman would notice the difference.

Not one to waste a mani, I decided to practice some dots, and thought maybe the Nanacoco polish wouldn't smell so badly if I was just using a *little* bit of it.  The red is Mystic Rose, the lavender is Mystic.

Nothing mystical about the smell. *GAG*

How bad does a polish have to smell for you not to use it?  Would you franken with it?  Pour it out and use the bottle?  Put it in a swap or sale with a disclaimer?  Toss it in the trash and be done with it?


  1. If the smell gave me a migraine, or didn't go away with a good topcoat, then I might ditch it.

    I wonder if adding a little something like Nail Pattern Boldness Fix a Flat might help change the chemical makeup? Or figure out how to add scent (I don't know how they add scent to polish).

    Sorry it is so bad! I have to say KC isn't that bad to me, I've smelled worse but drawing a blank on which polish (Lynnderella's don't smell like a bed of roses to me!)

    1. I just got some Fix a Flat, maybe I'll try that! I have some fragrance oils, but I don't know how adding oil to a polish would affect it. Might be worth a shot. (I've never smelled a Lynn, what does drama smell like? lol)

  2. OH MY GOD. I just ran across this brand at a beauty supply and I was going to buy a bunch to try it but decided to do some online research first. I have a post like this about the hideous smell of Kleancolor on my blog so now I don't think I should even give these a try. I am super sensitive to smells so I'd rather not have the smell of death on my nails.

    1. I have only smelled one polish worse than the Nanacoco since this post, and it was from an Indie. She reformulated her polish with a new base after that! I don't think I'm super-sensitive, but I could not take the smell of these. I think they are buried beneath the mountain of untrieds, never to be found again...


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