Lit from Within: Taupe and Mauve

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Taupe and Mauve

Today's taupe is a mushroomy-brown with a golden shimmer from L'oreal called Brit Invasion.  If you read the numerous reviews on the beauty blogs about this polish, there are the lovers and the 'meh's.  I'm a lover.  I dig brown, and I dig the golden shimmer.

Gorgeous as it is, I can't sometimes help myself and add a little more.  I thought that Mattese Elite Je' Taime would add to the golden glow, but it pert much took over!  I'm sure with another coat, it would be opaque. 

I love brown and gold together, and this brown-taupe provides such a lovely backdrop for the golden glittery holo goodness of Je' Taime.

Today's mauve starts out with a color I would expect to be a deep brown from the name.  Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Expresso is either the coffee spelled wrong, or just a cruel trick.  Exmauvo is dumb name, though, so I'll stick with Expresso.

Not that this glitter needed much of an undie.  NOPI Just Busta Mauve is pretty opaque.  I love how all the micro-glitters just mesh right together.  It's mostly mauve, with some glitters in pink and BLUE.  Blue?  Totally unexpected, and yet, it works. 

Are you team Taupe or team Mauve?  Me, I like them both... and I like saying taupe and mauve, too.  Taupe... Mauve...


  1. Very pretty. I keep going back and forth about Brit Invasion...

  2. I guess I'm one of the few that just love browns..even lipstick! :)


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