Lit from Within: Indie Blue and Grey

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indie Blue and Grey

I have been, as you may know, bitten badly by the Indie bug.  I love them.  I have enough glitter to wear from head-to-toe, and yet, there are combinations out there I still want to have. 

This Flormar 99 is a beautiful electric blue, but I wish I hadn't sent all the way to Bulgaria for it - there are plenty here in the US that are as nice.  It does have a nice shine, even without topcoat, though.

Does everyone have enough 'mermaid' or 'ocean' type glitters by now?  I have bought my share, and I think the key is to find the right combination for you.  Some have more teal, some more royal blue, some silver.  Elixir Lacquer Kind of Connery is a beautiful combination of blue, silver, and aqua glitters in a blue tinted base.  The silver glitter also flashes black, which gives it a dark depth that I really like.

From deep blue seas to grey, rainy skies.  I started with a layer of Wet 'n Wild Rain Check, a translucent blue grey shimmer. 

I may not have drunk the Kool-aid of the white base with glitter group, but I am loving the grey bases with glitter. Tough As Nails Lacquer It's All Over Now is a light grey base with silver, lavender, purple, and blue glitter.  

I made a jelly sandwich with another very thin layer of Rain Check - you can just barely see the blue shimmer on my middle finger.

Are you more partial to deep ocean glitter or rainy skies glitter?

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