Lit from Within: Butter London's Elemental Styles

Monday, September 24, 2012

Butter London's Elemental Styles

I know I own too many pistachio greens.  I never would have even worn this color a year ago.  Now, I'm in love with it.  This is Butter London Bossy Boots, a gorgeous, easy-going pistachio creme.

I thought it might make good undies for the bright green of Elemental Styles Rubidium Cube.  This photographed much more neon than it looked in real life.

In this picture, I shaded my nails, which looks silly, but it is actually closer to the true color of the green.  It's a grass-green, not neon.  This was two coats, and it's almost opaque.  How microglitter meshes together and the white and the green look like a solid color is such a cool effect to me.  I never get tired of it!

I didn't think I was going to like Pink Ribbon.  It's not a color I would gravitate to, but I bought it in one of the GMA sale sets that was 50% off.  Two coats and it's still very sheer, but the formula is so nice, and the color so delicate, that I would reach for this for a French mani, or 'palate cleanser' when you want a fresh, clean nail look.

Elemental Styles I see London, I see Francium looks like it's going to be a bright orange from the bottle, but it surprised me with this delicate golden/apricot glitter glow.

As much as I love bold colors, I didn't want to take this off.  I felt like a princess!

Butter London is online and at Ulta stores.  Elemental Styles is on etsy HERE.  I thought they went well together.  What would you pair with these topcoats?

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